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What is your shipping policy?


What is your return policy?

Better Than Belts creates suspenders of the highest quality. We accept unworn suspenders (definitely try them on!) within 30 days of purchase and offer free return shipping. We will always work with you if the product is defective. Email to initiate the process.

Holiday 2020 gifting policy: all suspenders can be returned until January 15th.


How does sizing work?

Long: fits most heights 6'3" and up || 54" elastic
Regular: fits most heights 5'3" - 6'2" || 46" elastic
Short: fits most heights 4'11" - 5'3" || 42" elastic

How to measure your exact size:

  1. 1. You will simulate the start and end points of a Y-back suspender.
  2. 2. Start on your backside and measure from the center of your pants waistband, diagonally over your right shoulder to the front of your waistband about 4" to the right of your zipper.
  3. 3. Order the elastic length that is greater than your measurement.
Your Measurement Your Suspender Size


Extra Long





If you measure 54"+ please email us to request we increase our size offerings.Text


What makes these different than other suspenders?

These were designed to be worn everyday. The clips are jumbo and built to last. The elastic is stretchy and comfortable. The designs are unique to us, to be unique for you. Assembled in New York, USA.

Why use clip attachments?

We decided to use jumbo clips (not the norm) as they offer superior strength and are easy to put on any pair of pants. Many customers do not own pants with buttons sewn-in and our clip suspenders are easy to wear every day with any pant.

Do you have button attachments?

We have recently released a limited run of suspenders with button attachments. You can view them here.

We may introduce more buttons in the future, so if you'd like to be first to know you can subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page.


How do I apply my discount code?

Can I apply a discount code after my order is placed?

If it is within the same day, we can happily accommodate doing so! We can not retroactively apply new discount codes to old orders.

If you purchase an item that is marked down within one week of your purchase, we will match the sale price.

Can I use more than one discount?


How do I become a member?

Create an account by clicking here. If you already have an account you have the option to sign in.

How much do I Earn?

Refer a friend and you both get $10 off your order.  There is no limit to how much you can earn through December 31st.*

This holiday season we are offering an extra large referral credit. Why? Getting new customers is expensive. Especially for a small business during the holidays, not to mention the added competition of ads covering the election. Instead of giving all our money to Facebook ads, we thought: 'let’s give it to our best customers!'

*Earned rewards don’t expire, but the ability to give & get $10 off is only valid through December 31st 2020.

How do i refer a friend?

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  2. 2. Under “Refer your friends” there is a box with a unique URL
  3. 3. You can copy the URL to share it with friends, family, your mailman...
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How do I check on how much I’ve earned?

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