Famous Suspender-Wearing Characters for Memorable Halloween Costumes

1. B. J. Novak, The Office as Ryan Howard dressed up as Gordon Gekko (S5, E6) | What you need:

  • Suspenders
  • Light blue button down with white collar
  • Mustard tie
  • Dark dress pants
  • Gold tie clip
  • White coffee mug (optional)

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby as Gatsby | What you need:

3. Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass | What you need:

  • Red suspenders
  • Light blue button down with white collar
  • Blue paisley tie
  • Gray dress pants

4. Nik Dodani, Atypical as Zahid | What you need:

  • Black suspenders
  • Hawaiian print button down
  • Large black frame glasses
  • Maroon & white zip sweatshirt

5. Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things as Eleven | What you need:

  • Blue suspenders
  • Yellow scrunchy for a half pony tail
  • High waisted blue jeans
  • Black button down top with color splotches (DIY with some neon fabric paint)

6. Gerard Butler, P.S. I love You as Gerry 

7. Kate McKinnon, The Spy Who Dumped Me as Morgan
  • Black suspenders
  • White tank top
  • Black bra
  • Black pants
  • Vienna guidebook (optional)
8. Cole Sprouse, Riverdale as Jughead Jones