You ask, we answer:

I am glad you asked. We design the best suspenders you can find. From colors to fit, there is nothing of the same quality on the market.

Well that's a complex question. Traditionally they've been worn in very formal settings by men. That's not the case, as these (Better Than Belts brand suspenders) are upscale enough to wear with a suit but can be dressed down with a t-shirt. They are genderless and versatile. Give your belt a break and give our suspenders a try.

On the record? No. We define Better Than Belts as suspenders for the modern human. Off the record? Yes, I've said it.

These were designed to be worn everyday. The clips are built to last. The elastic is stretchy and comfortable. The designs are unique to us, to be unique for you. Assembled in New York, USA.

Better Than Belts was live on Kickstarter in September and we are now taking pre-orders here on our site. Drop your email down below to be first to know when new designs drop.

One size fits all. They are adjustable to comfortably fit most humans who are between 5'2 and 6'3.

I guess that's really up to you, isn't it? We created a fashionable alternative to a belt that seems to get a complimented frequently. The choice is yours.

You! Suspenders are genderless, ageless, and belt-less.

We will be launching small quantities of new suspenders *occasionally*

Socks, right? Men get socks. Colored socks and different patterns. Pizza prints. Animal prints. Men get the gift of an accessory hidden underneath pants and shoes (unless you pair with Birkenstocks). Now you have suspenders! Go crazy.

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