It all starts with an idea.

I (Tyler) dealt with a variety of health issues resulting weight fluctuation. Through this experience, I grew frustrated by the uncomfortable waist-cinching by belts and pants which, in rare and severe cases, can even be attributed to gastrointestinal and liver diseases. 

The suspender market today is divided into wedding-wear and novelty goods. Better Than Belts’ product aims to put fashion and function at the forefront to create something truly designed for everyday wear.

As Northeastern University alumni with combined experience across design, manufacturing, growth and brand marketing, my sister and I aim to breathe new life into the traditional accessory; suspenders.

We are thrilled to support American jobs, by designing in Boston and assembling our high-quality products in New York City. 

We set out to design the most fashionable and comfortable suspenders that you can wear every day. Pair with a t-shirt, crop top, or button down. The sky is the limit.

Thanks for checking us out.
- Tyler and Tori

Founders Tyler and Tori Farley wearing Better Than Belts Suspenders