• 6 Reasons Why You’ll Toss Your Old Belt For Our Suspenders

    Made for style & comfort. Better Than Belts suspenders look better and feel better, you wont want to wear anything else. 1. For most everyBODY We have customers as small as 5'2 and as tall as 6'3. No matter what your chest or belly size might be, these can work for you. Customers (and others) have reviewed and approved.
  • Better Than Belts Suspenders is Proud to Partner with BRANDS X BETTER

    Brands that strive to do the right things day in and day out, joining forces to make a big impact. Better Than Belts Suspenders has pledged 2% of Net Sales over the course of the month of May to Feeding America, where every $1 donated equates to 10 meals for families in need.

    We are donating 2% of Net Sales to Feeding America and giving you free shipping + free soap with every order using code BETTERSOAP.

  • Painful belts and loose clothing?

    For Americans, not worrying about work-appropriate pants means more than the ease of rolling out of bed. The American College of Gastroenterology estimates 10-15% of the US adult population has irritable-bowel-syndrome (IBS) symptoms*. Of course, IBS isn’t the only digestive disease that can cause discomfort. Many people suffer from rapid weight fluctuations, stomach bloating, swelling, or distention, and other digestive discomforts that can be exacerbated by tight waistbands and belts.

  • Hang Dry Your Clothes - Save The World

    TL;DR Use cold wash and hang dry your workout clothes anything containing polyester / lycra / spandex / etc. Reduce your electrical consumption by 8.5%.
  • Our Boston Globe Coverage - Better Than Belts Modern Suspender Brand

    Better Than Belts featured in the Boston Globe. We had so much fun taking these photos and working with them! We've been patiently waiting for this piece to drop and we're thrilled to share it with you now. Our modern suspenders are getting recognized everywhere.
  • Four things we love about Atypical (in response to Nik Dodani call for love)

    Fashion (obvi) Zahid’s full-blown love of suspenders in season three. “You can always trust a guy in suspenders”. We agree.
  • Boston Massachusetts - Support Local Holiday Gift Guide

    Awesome local Boston / Massachusetts / New England / Northeast brands to support this holiday season.
  • What To Wear: Better Than Belts Suspenders Holiday Gift Guide

    You can wear our suspenders with anything, but we wanted to share a few of our favorites. Some items are exactly what we’re wearing in photos, and ...
  • Head of the Charles Regatta (HOCR) 2019 - Better Than Belts Suspenders

    We at Better Than Belts headed out to HOCR to 1) go to the Rowing Blazers Trunk Show at The Andover Shop in Harvard Square, and 2) walk along the Charles and enjoy the event. I went with my good friends Mara and Jay, and made a little video recap.


  • Suspender Learnings - Bobby Hundreds, Author: This Is Not a T-Shirt.


    1. Strong opinion makes good design.
    2. Stand for something.
    3. Bobby thinks suspenders could be a great move
  • The “unboxing” experience - choosing how to pack

    One of our earliest challenges was deciding on the first interaction experience many of our customers would have with our brand, Better Than Belts....
  • 4 Ways to Wear Suspenders

    We've reimagined suspenders as a staple for 2019 and beyond, so we decided to share some of our favorite ways to style them!