Four things we love about Atypical (in response to Nik Dodani call for love)

1. Fashion (obvi) Zahid’s full-blown love of suspenders in season three. “You can always trust a guy in suspenders”. We agree.

Season 3; Episode 2; 3 minutes 11 seconds in 

2. Casey. All of her storylines are gold; I never want to look away. Her ingénue relationship with Evan, so tearfully ended when she leaves him for Izzy. This parallel of her cheating with her mother's former indiscretions. Similar situations played out over two different generations of women. I found it especially intriguing since Casey has been so nasty to Elsa and worked so hard to be nothing like her.

3. Elsa. Such a beautiful singing voice… oh wait

Elsa Frozen DisneyElsa Character, Mom Atypical

4. Sam and Casey's bro/sis relationship. You know that they really love each other and will always be there when you need them. They are the most fun to watch when Casey is giving Sam a hard time aka being a real sister and treating him like you'd expect from a typical TV brother/sister.  

In conclusion, we definitely need a season 4+. Please and thank you @AtypicalNetflix @Netflix @SPTV

PS. To the costume design team-- keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what suspenders Zahid rocks in the future.